Disability Resource Series

Opportunity Enterprises hosts its Disability Resource Series throughout the year. These events involve speakers and instructions on important resources available for individuals with disabilities, their families, and their friends.

After each presentation any handouts and the presenter's contact information will be uploaded below.

Most Recent Event:

Life Insurance For Your Loved One With A Disability

virtual workshop

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Participants who respond to the emailed survey after the workshop will be entered for a chance to win an OE gift basket!

Thought about utilizing life insurance within a financial plan to care for your loved one, but not sure it's right for you?

Join us for a FREE virtual workshop, hosted by Northwestern Mutual, where we'll discuss utilizing life insurance within a financial plan to care for you and your loved one with a disability. The workshop, which includes a presentation and a Q&A session, will answer:

  • How do I ensure my own financial plan is secure?

  • How do I start creating a financial plan for my loved one with a disability?

  • How do I ensure my financial plan is secure, while caring for my loved one?

  • What type of life insurance should I purchase?

Featuring Speakers representing:

Shane Smith,


Financial Advisor

Phone: 219.877.4599

Email: shane.smith@nm.com

Website: shanesmith.nm.com

Matthew R. Carothers,


Wealth Management Advisor

Phone: 812.372.2858

Email: matthew.carothers@nm.com

Website: matthewcarothers.com

For more information, contact Amy Wulf at (219) 464-9621 ext. 333 or amy.wulf@oppent.org

Previous Presentation Materials

Presented by Geisen Funeral Homes

Heard about funeral trusts but don't know if they're right for you or your loved one? This workshop hosted by Geisen Funeral Homes discussed funeral trusts, pre-arranged funeral plans, and how they can benefit your family.

INvestABLE Indiana savings plan allows individuals with disabilities to save money that won't be counted against asset limits for state or federal assistance. And your account earnings remain tax-free!

Heard about Special Needs Trusts but don't know if they're right for you or your loved one? This workshop hosted by Centier Bank and Attorney Connie Bauswell discussed special needs trusts, different types of trusts, who should serve as a trustee, and the basics of public benefits.

Presented by Attorney Connie Bauswell

Special Needs Trusts

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