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To create inclusive and equitable opportunities for people of all abilities.


Embracing the value that inclusion brings to a community, OE will always be a benchmark for innovative services that empower people through a person-centered approach with an unwavering focus on quality.



Quality of Life

We believe that all people deserve opportunities to establish priorities, make decisions, and achieve satisfaction in all areas of life.

Servant Leadership

We prioritize a culture of humility, trust, and empowerment to further relationships with all stakeholders.


We encourage the individuals we serve to speak for themselves by actively listening and supporting desired outcomes.


We believe that a community's success is measured by the opportunities available to each citizen.

Compassionate Care

We support staff, and those we serve, in all areas of life to equip them for success.


We pursue innovation and embrace change to define the future and discover whole new worlds of opportunity.

Personal Growth

We accept people as they are and support and challenge each person to achieve their fullest growth and development.


We responsibly manage and grow the resources entrusted to us to ensure the sustainability of the work of the agency.


We seek opportunities to build mutually-beneficial relationships and collaborate to achieve shared outcomes.

Employee Experience

We strive to offer an unparalleled experience by providing the training and tools needed for staff to confidently serve in an environment that fosters relationship building and personal fulfillment.

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