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Renewed Horizons

Renewed Horizons is geared toward individuals who are 50 years of age or older, have been diagnosed with a disability or Alzheimer's, are able to be medically managed and are able to provide appropriate funding. Working in groups of 8, Direct Support Professionals work with each client to engage in new activities and stimulate memory. Curriculum includes 19 components such as sports, arts and crafts, technology, sign language, music, and cooking. Activities are fun and foster socialization and creativity. Renewed Horizons is located at our Lakeside building overlooking Lake Eliza.

Want to make someone’s day? Volunteer some time reading or cooking alongside these seniors with disabilities. Or donate toward components in the outdoor space that would allow them to enjoy the outside more frequently. We’re also asking for your support to provide some new technology to enhance the safety and security of our loved ones in wheelchairs.

Program Director: Cassie Stanley

219-464-9621 ext 412

Senior Director of Day Services: Lisa Cole

219-464-9621 ext 405

Intake Specialist: Payton Summers

219-464-9621 ext 261

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