Contracting with OE’s Clean Team means you get superb service with attention to detail found nowhere else. OE's Clean Team will partner with you to define your desired schedule and standards in order to meet your budget. You will find our people to be purposeful, personable, and full of pride in a job well done. And you’ll know you’re helping someone with a disability earn a paycheck and maximize their self-sufficiency.

OE’s Clean Team specializes in:


  • Daily/weekly on-site cleaning and janitorial services such as vacuuming, dusting, trash pickup, recycling, etc.


  •  Monthly/semi-annual/annual deep cleanings and janitorial services such as floor waxing/polishing, trim/baseboard/door handle cleaning/disinfecting, interior window washing, and more. 


  • Inquire about specialty jobs or needs.

Currently accepting new customers in limited areas in Portage and Chesterton. Contact OE Clean Team today to make your workplace sparkle!

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