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Businesses – do you have positions you need to fill?

OE’s JobSource Division brings people and jobs together by connecting employers with job candidates and providing ongoing support for both employer and employee throughout the process. With a 93% retention rate, businesses don’t have to continue refilling a position, while individuals benefit from the value a mentor can have when it comes to finding, keeping, and thriving in employment.

Businesses:you can be a great community partner by employing people with disabilities. Let us help you discover your next great employee!

EMPLOYERS: How It Works:

  • Provide your job openings and requirements to our JobSource team, and contact one of our Job Placement Specialists to discuss your unique needs.

  • We’ll identify qualified individuals actively seeking employment, work with them to apply, interview, and understand the various components of the job.

  • Once the employee is hired, you can rest easy knowing an OE Job Coach is present, or just a phone call away to handle any ongoing coaching or struggles the employee might encounter.

  • If you’re ready to hire a person with a disability, but need some additional guidance on accommodations needed to provide the best experience, OE is able to help guide you to the proper technology, resources, and communication techniques.

Not quite ready to commit to a full time employee placement, but could still use extra help around the office? We have a great partnership opportunity for you! In order to place people in roles suited for them, we regularly perform assessments on new job seekers. In order to discover what they are best at, we place them in real work situations along with a Discovery Specialist to train and assess their skills.  You can provide this real work experience by opening your doors and allowing our job seekers and Discovery Specialist to come in and complete tasks that you need done. The job seeker benefits by learning and gaining first-hand experience, you benefit by having extra jobs completed.

To participate as a Discovery site:

  • Your business will provide a repetitive, on-going project that will take at least four hours, ideally for multiple days. Projects such as filing, sorting, stuffing, cleaning, or organizing are perfect in that they tend to be non-time-sensitive.

  • A Discovery Site Specialist and a job seeker will arrive at your location and accomplish the task while the job seeker is evaluated for a variety of skills. If a job is long and requires several days, multiple job seekers might be evaluated over the course of the discovery process.

How much do all these amazing services cost, you’re wondering? They are FREE for businesses. There is no charge for our placement, coaching, assessment, or discovery services. Now that’s an amazing deal!

JobSource Director:

Kathie Parks

219-464-9621 ext 213

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