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Volunteer opportunities!

View our current

Internship opportunities!


Donate your time and talent to Opportunity Enterprises! With both one-time events and ongoing volunteer opportunities, there are a variety of chances to give back by lending a helping hand!


Help us find the best fit for you within our organization by filling out our Volunteer Interest Form. Once we receive your information and determine what opportunity will best suit both you and OE, we will invite you to take a tour of the agency and get you all set up for success.

*Please note, volunteers must be 18 years of age or older to interact with clients. To ensure the health and safety of our more vulnerable clients, we are currently not accepting volunteers at this time. However, please fill out our volunteer form and we will notify you when opportunities to volunteer are available in the future.

Fill out our Volunteer Interest Form.


Opportunity Enterprises offers interns the ability to utilize and develop multiple skills including those gained in education.  Within the doors of OE, one can donate time and talent while also gaining valuable experiences in a wide range of areas. Allow us to help find your perfect fit within the organization by filling out the Internship Interest Form.  Once we receive your information and determine what area will suit you the best, an invitation will be sent out asking you to join an OE team member for a full agency tour.  After that, we will ensure you are fully set up for nothing but success!


Fill out our Internship Interest Form

For more information, please contact Chief Human Resources Officer, Stephanie Anderson, at (219) 464-9621, ext. 253, or via e-mail at stephanie.anderson@oppent.org

“The clients have made volunteering such a happy experience for me. When you volunteer, you become a friend. You’ll quickly find out that you have a lot of things in common with everyone and that bond you create with the clients is indescribable. Because of OE, I’ve learned to always be happy and to always give your best every day when you work with amazing people.” 

–Doug, Volunteer since 2009

Doug’s connection to OE began with his daughter Jennifer, who receives Respite services. He has been volunteering at Opportunity Enterprises for more than 10 years and is considered a valuable member of the OE Family.

Every Friday, Doug spends the day with amazing people and has made a special connection with Keith, one of OE’s clients . Keith looks forward to having Doug around, and his smile says it all. For Doug, every day he volunteers is a new experience with new memories.