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Corporate Inclusivity Consulting

Ready to take the next step to grow your workforce?

That’s where we come in. Opportunity Enterprises can be your guide and help build your business strategy by developing an inclusive workforce.


Your Corporate Inclusivity Consultant will:

• Assess your unique culture and hiring needs

• Help strategize potential adjustments to existing roles to cultivate inclusivity

• Review job descriptions for alignment with ADA

• Ensure that your interview, hiring, and onboarding practices are inclusive

• Lead you through an interactive process to determine reasonable accommodations

• Train your current workforce on inclusivity etiquette

• Provide leadership training to avoid common missteps in managing an inclusive workforce

• Assist with Section 503 Compliance


Grow your profitability by creating an inclusive workforce.

There is a vast pool of employees who can be the key to fill your hiring needs. Only 20% of individuals with a disability are employed, leaving many qualified men and women seeking employment.

Companies who hire those with disabilities report:

• 28% Higher Revenue

• 200% Higher Net Income

• Up to 30% Less Turn Over

• Improved Productivity

• Enhanced Reputation



Expand your workforce and grow your revenue.

Opportunity Enterprises Corporate Inclusivity Consulting

219-464-9621 ext. 213

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