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Community Integration

Community Integration is a key initiative of the state of Indiana to encourage communities to be open and accessible. Opportunity Enterprises believes that the best quality of life is achieved when all citizens are able to partake in community offerings regardless of ability. To this end, OE is expanding its Community Integration program. Recipients of the Medicaid waiver for disability services may select with their care team to allocate their service funds in part to the Community Integration program.


What this means for clients of OE:

You have access to support services such as staffing, training, and adaptive technology to participate in desired community activities. While receiving OE’s Community Integration services, you will meet your staff at OE and head out to participate in programs, activities, and opportunities directly in the community. For instance, if you are seeking one-on-one computer instruction in how to read, your staff will drive you to the public library to work together on computers. If you need or desire sign language instruction, you and your instructor will head out to a coffee shop or other preferred public space. If one of your goals is managing stress, relaxing at the park or walking a trail might be just the right solution. Another great way to take advantage of Community Integration is to volunteer for another organization such as the animal shelter or food pantry.  Set your goals for what you are hoping to achieve and we will provide you with the staff to work toward that together in partnership with our community.

What this means for the community:

Welcoming people with disabilities to your place of business, community meeting space, activity, event, class, or organization shows the entire community that you are inclusive-minded. You are seen in a positive light and not to mention how good you’ll feel by including someone who often faces obstacles. We’ll be looking for community partners to help facilitate this new expanded program. Libraries, coffee shops, places that teach classes or workshops, places with open meeting space, organizations that host events are all great candidates for community integration partnership. Another way to think about community integration is for volunteer service. Giving back is a great way for people with disabilities to show they care about their community. To participate, there is no investment on your part, but rather a willing and open attitude of care for the men and women in our community who have a disability. Just reach out and let us know that your doors are open. Thank you!

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