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Adults with disabilities deserve more than just a safe place to interact with peers. OE is committed to providing the most engaging and specialized educational day programming available to the people we serve. Nearly 230 adults enjoy educational-curriculum components each week such as art, cooking, music, reading, science, and technology all designed to increase self-sufficiency, enrich the quality of their lives, and help men and women with disabilities reach their fullest potential.

Thank you to our 2023 Pillars of Potential:

BMO Harris Bank
G.W. Berkheimer Company
Chad and Beth Casbon
Dollar General Literacy Foundation
Doyle Foundation
Friends of OE
Claire Gagan
Tom and Susan Grimes
Kotys Wealth Professionals
William and Jennie Finik

Uniquely OE:

Educational-Based Day Programs

Opportunity Enterprises' education day programs aim to provide an environment for adults with disabilities to learn and engage actively in meaningful and educational activities. These instructive activities teach the men and women we serve increased communication, socialization skills, and independence, which leads to reaching one's fullest potential.

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Learning Opportunities

Art teaches skills in a wide variety of art mediums. Includes lessons on specific artists. Basic skills are taught and built upon with successive projects.

Cooking teaches basic cooking tasks to increase self-sufficiency. Nutrition and making healthy food choices are top priorities.

Manipulatives utilize color, texture, weight, and size focusing on fine fine and gross motor skills, dexterity, recognition, and matching.


Music explores the many genres of music. Rhythm, movement, singing, and playing instruments introduces a variety of artists, music styles, and provides creative outlets.


Reading explores interactive activities such as reading and writing, choosing a book, discussing, expressing opinions of short passages, and storytelling.

Science examines scientific concepts through hands on experimentation to teach and connect science to real life experiences.


Technology utilizes computers and tablets to help clients develop fine motor skills, cognitive and reasoning skills, and auditory processing. Learning the ins and outs of technology also fosters independence and enables access to the outside world.


Explore. Experience. Educate.

Your Gift Makes a Life-Changing Impact

Outcomes and Impact:

1,500 lessons taught each year

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3,544 hours of learning each year

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What your gift does:

  • Improves personal cognition, communication, and socialization

  • Encourages personal growth and development

  • Provides an adult with disabilities a safe and engaging educational environment

  • Maximizes self-sufficiency and enhances quality of life

  • Helps families feel hope for their loved one's future

Thank you!

Track goals and success rates to emphasize positive change

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Radical improvements in cognitive and physical abilities due to extensive and varied lessons throughout the day

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Meet John & Robert

John and Robert are two brothers in their fifties who both have disabilities. They were born in a generation where resources for people with disabilities were rare. 

When their mother recently passed away, they were left to care for themselves, at home with little resources and no interaction with the outside world.

Now, because of you, John and Robert have their days filled up with new friends who help them learn about life, health and fun. They take part in OE's day programs that focus on engaging learning activities like cooking, technology, reading and art. They are Thriving in their new environment.

Contact Jane Kobak

Associate Director of Major Giving

219.464.9621 ext. 290 or

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Members of Pillars of Potential ensure there are programs available to the people who need them most.

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