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Gala 2020 Virtual Event


We are truly Amazing Together. The theme of Opportunity Enterprises' 2020 annual gala, Amazing Together, was created to embody the spirit of OE: the incredible gifts and talents of people of ALL abilities served by OE, the generous hearts of our supportive community (who never cease to amaze us!), and the endless good that comes when we bring these groups together.

As with all things in 2020, this year's gala played out very differently than in years past. Although it is ironic that a gala celebrating 'togetherness' had to be held virtually, our community took things in stride and you all made last evening's gala an event to remember!

You STILL came together...from afar, you STILL made amazing things happen for the men and women at Opportunity Enterprises...even if we weren't in the same room together, and we STILL got to be Amazing Together...apart.


The 2020 OE gala raised over $220,000! Thank YOU for helping to make this happen -  your support is truly changing lives.

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