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Daily Living Skills

If your loved one is challenged to communicate or take care of their basic life necessities, Daily Living Skills is the perfect program to meet their daily needs. Loving, capable and specially trained staff provide care throughout the day. We go way beyond keeping your loved one safe and cared for. There are daily sessions of sensory stimulation, gross motor skills development, communication tactics, and even tablet time where men and women who lack hand dexterity can participate. Because the people we serve are often in wheelchairs, we take every opportunity to get them up and out of the chair and experiencing life from a different perspective. We also take pride in our strict personal care regiments to keep your loved one healthy.

Program Director: Lisa Barrios

219-464-9621 ext 432

Senior Director of Day Services: Lisa Cole

219-464-9621 ext 405

Intake Specialist: Payton Summers

219-464-9621 ext 261

Want to make a difference in the life of someone with a severe and profound disability? You can allow them to experience something many of us took for granted as a kid, by donating toward an accessible outdoor wheelchair swing.

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