Honor Roll of Donors

Thank you to our 2020 Pillars of Potential for making a difference in our curriculum programs!
BMO Harris Bank
William and Jennie Finik
In Touch Pharmaceuticals
Kotys Wealth Professionals
Peoples Bank
Scott and Dr. Lanie Steinwart
Glenn and Leslie Abbett and Family
Friends of Opportunity Enterprises

April 2020 Donors


Terry and Brenda Abernathy

     in memory of John Pfledderer

Andrew and Carri Ables

Todd and Michelle Albert

Allegius Federal Credit Union

Rick and Sue AmRhein

Barth Anderson and Dr. Barbara Parke

Mike and Nancy Anton

Ronald and Heather Augustyn

J. Michael and Jeanne Baird

Mark and Kathy Balicki

     in honor of OE Staff

Darcy Balicki-Spiekhout

     in honor of Ryan Balicki

Sheriff Jeffrey and Katie Balon

John and Doris Ban

     in memory of Janet Pullins

Sheryl Barnard

     in memory of Karen Remijan

Robert and Melissa Beilfuss

Robert Bird

Mike Bober and Andrea Colson

Thomas Brown

Ellen Buchanan

Joyce Bugno

Seth and Rebecca Buitendorp

Muriel Carlton

Randall Carson

     in memory of John Pfledderer

Robert Cayia and Trish Forstner-Cayia

Centier Bank

Dennis and Heather Churilla

Dale and Lynn Clapp

Mitch and Melissa Clemons

Dr. Christopher and Maura Cock

Brandie Conrick

Lori Cook

Nancy and Tim Crowley

George and Marsha Davis

Bruce and Ann Deckard

Ellen DeMartinis

Barbara Devereaux

     in memory of John Pfledderer

Maricruz Rivera and Nils Dietz

     in honor of Paola

Michael Donovan

Lyle and Beth Dornan

Debra Draves

Terry and Charlotte Driver

Stephen and Cathie Dull

Karl and Marge Dytrych

Elegan Customwear

Marilyn Ellis

Shaun and Kacie Ensign

Jennifer and Roberto Espinoza

Christopher and Christan Fields

Dennis and Linda Fillippo

First Merchants Bank - Valparaiso

Mark and Karen Fisher

John and Shannon Freyek

Heidi Frisch

Brian Gerike

Susan Gleason

Deborah Graham

Paul Grandbois and Saandra Walsh-Grandbois

     in honor of Justin Rios

Ralph and Cathy Greenawald

Sue Grossbauer

Scott and Sandy Harrison

Christine Harsh

Doris and Dennis Healy

Shamiah Henderson

Frederick and Julia Hess

William and Karen Higbie

     in memory of John Pfledderer

Dan and Pam Hood

Rachel Hurst

     in honor of Claudia Taylor & the OE Team

Tracy Huyvaert

Kathy James

     in memory of John Pfledderer

Kristina and Matthew Jillson

John & Ann Barney Family Foundation

Robert and Bobbie Kennedy

Julie and Justin Kissinger

Cynthia and Tom Klapp

LaTosha Knight

Denise Koebcke

Jeremy Kostrzeba

Peter and Natalie Krivas

Brandon and Alison Kroft

Karla Kroncke

Frank and Marie Kubina

Brian and Marcie Laciak

Matthew LaFree

John and Ginger Lauridsen

Jeff and Mary Liggett

Joey Link

Vanessa and Greg Lippelt

     in memory of John Pfledderer

Shawn Lovett

Stephen Lynn

     in memory of John Pfledderer

Miranda Malinovsky

Susan Martin

Stewart and Kathryn McMillan

Bobby Meier

Gerald A. Michalak

Dorothy Michalak

     in honor of Dan Michalak

Claudia Miller Forrest

Jon and Joyce Miller

Paul and Pam Misch

Jennifer Mohoi

John and Lori Moulton

Jeff and Anne Nicholls


     in honor of Mary Liggett

Patricia Nix

     in memory of John Pfledderer

Matthew Nondorf

Northwest Indiana Auto Trade Association, Inc.

Bernie Pakalniskis

Steve and Georgiann Pangere

Kathleen Parks Savich

Matthew Parlee

Peoples Bank

Becky Pfledderer

     in memory of John Pfledderer

Cynthia and David Pluta

Porter County Community Foundation

Michael Prendergast

Brent and Laura Ramos

Kali Rasala

Bob and Harlene Rattay

David and Shirley Remijan

Cassie Riley

Mike and Ruth Rinchak

     in honor of Rebecca R. Rinchak

Mark Robbins

     in memory of John Pfledderer

Joyce Robinson

Rick and DeAnna Rondinelli

Jill Schlueter-Kim

Christian Schwerd

Debbie Shaffer

Larry and Sandra Shelton

Rich Shields

     in memory of Richard Shields

Britt and Linda Shipley

Cheryl Smith

Jack and Joan Sosbe

Kevin and Laura Steele

Scott and Dr. Lanie Steinwart

Gib and Christine Terlicher

Rolland and Valerie Thill

Marc Toles

     in memory of Gretchen S. Toles

Sara Torres

Dave and Kristin Trapp

Rick Turner

Jason and Kara Urbaniak

Nancy Valpatic

Bill and Janice VanBenthuysen

Cheryl Vespo

     in memory of Terrance Levenda

Wendy Wagner

     in memory of John Pfledderer

John and Janet Walker

Brian Watkins

Christopher and Kathryn Wells

Sara Whitcomb

Keith and Mary Wiesemann

Stefanie Willett

Lorrie Woycik

Greg Yergler and Robbin Hefner-Yergler

     in memory of John Pfledderer

Jim Zervos

     in honor of Elizabeth C. Zervos

Bob Ziolkowski

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this report. If your name has been omitted, misspelled, or misplaced, we sincerely apologize. You may contact Todd at todd.mocabee@oppent.org to inquire about any changes or omissions.

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