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Together, we reach new heights!

You can be a part of transforming a beautiful 158-acre property

on Lake Eliza into an unparalleled experience for those with disabilities.

Being in a treehouse is a childhood rite of passage, but for many, the exhilaration of experiencing views from new heights is not possible. Imagine – for the very first time – having the ability to be in the treetops enjoying nature and the beauty of Lake Eliza.


We are thrilled to reveal our fully accessible treehouse. Designed by Nelson Treehouse of Treehouse Masters fame, OE’s treehouse will provide children and adults with disabilities the reality of a future without barriers - all we need is you!

Located in a stand of trees just beyond the new Lakeside Respite Center, the 400 square foot treehouse is accessible by a bridge. The treehouse will include:

  • Large classroom space with room for wheel chairs and accessible table and chairs

  • Seven windows providing natural light and panoramic views

  • Large patio doorway with access to the beautiful exterior deck

  • Sensory room providing space to relax

  • Year round accessibility with lights, air conditioning, and heating

  • Display wall with a variety of tree trunk bark for tactile learning


You can be a part of redefining the future for children and adults with disabilities. Will you join us in this journey to create a very special place where barriers do not exist? Your gift will help us create a more inclusive future where people of all abilities are celebrated.

Watch as we build!


You can watch live as the new OE Lakeside Respite Center is built!

Click the picture!

Log in with the user name: respiteguest

Password: Buildcam2022


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More about OE Respite

In Lake, Porter, and LaPorte Counties

there are 11,700 individuals with a

cognitive disability under the age of 34. 

OE’s Respite mission is two-fold

Provides children and adults with disabilities a place of their own to gain independence and explore personal interests.

Provides caregivers a much deserved temporary break from the responsibilities of caring for their loved one with special needs.


  • Adult and children’s wing

  • Secured doors with video for entry

  • Hoyer lifts safely assist those in wheelchairs

  • 24-hour staffing

  • 18,000 sq ft for indoor activities

  • 21 beds for overnight stays

  • Lake view seating area for dining, board games, and crafts

  • Recreation room for indoor activities

  • Multiple living rooms for movie nights, video games, and relaxation

  • Snoezelen multi-sensory therapeutic room

  • Large outdoor deck with lake views

  • Walkout basement

  • Large kitchen in the center of the home

  • Wheelchair accessible countertops

  • Fully Accessible Treehouse!

As we imagine the possibilities we have before us, we envision the experiences that we will provide individuals with disabilities. 


Imagine your role in transforming a place into a destination, and possibilities into realities.

-Neil Samahon, CEO

Families depend on respite care, but many have nowhere to go. The need is great and the waiting list is long. Your donation ensures that in our community – families will have an even better place to turn for respite care.

This new Lakeside Respite building will usher in the next phase of OE’s services available on the shores of Lake Eliza.

Give online today!
For more information, call 219-464-9621 x290.

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