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Quality Educational Skills Training

Quest is the day program most closely resembling a school classroom setting, comprised of 20 different components. Throughout the week, you will see groups engaged in Computers, Science, Biography, Creativity, Cooking, Library, Games, Exercise and more! Dedicated Direct Support Professionals provide guidance, support, and learning objectives through 5 different curriculum components each day.


You’ll find Quest in its own separate building just east of OE’s main building at 3101 Evans Avenue in Valparaiso. The brightly colored walls are just one reflection of the joy and learning that take place every day. You’ll want to be sure to check out their unique special events like the rocket launches, egg hatching, and special musical performances.

As you can imagine, these types of programs can become quite costly. You can bring learning and interest to a whole team of people with disabilities by donating toward the on-going expenses of science experiments, software for their new computer lab, food for the cooking classes (which are quite popular), or to install a rubberized floor in the gym/recreation space.

Program Director: Corey Marsee

219-464-9621 ext 256

Senior Director of Day Services: Lisa Cole

219-464-9621 ext 405

Intake Specialist: Payton Summers

219-464-9621 ext 261

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