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Opportunity Enterprises has been making Amazing happen for 50 years!

Because of YOU amazing successes are happening every day! Read some of our Amazing successes and stories here…

Terry is learning new skills and earning a paycheck!

Do you remember your first job? You wanted to make a good first impression, right? That is Terry! He takes pride in a job well done, learning new skills, and taking a moment to socialize with those he works with - something he didn't do before. Terry works hard on the CleanTeam making everything around him look great - and his paycheck is proof of a job well done. Your support provides jobs for individuals with disabilities like Terry to become more independent.

Paul is able to read, type, study, and excel in his classes!

Three years ago, Paul's life took a turn he never expected as a result of a major medical trauma. Through hard work, he has gained back much of his physical activity, but he still struggled with the eye focus required to read and the dexterity needed to type. Then Paul was introduced to assistive technology at Opportunity Enterprises. his life-long dream of returning to college was then a possibility! Today, he's excelling in his classes, thanks to YOU!

Mickey is learning problem solving skills!

Mickey enjoys learning new skills in OE’s Quest program. This activity builds manual dexterity. Recognizing colors, shapes, and patterns are critical thinking skills used in problem solving. Clients like Mickey in OE’s curriculum-based day programs learn things like this each day that lead to independence and self-sufficiency.

Matt is recognizing letters and words for the first time!

Remember the pride you felt the first time you read a book on your own? Mat is utilizing OE’s Assistive Technology to learn new skills. Recognizing letters, sounding out words, and learning new vocabulary are all critical parts of communication. Every day, Amazing ‘firsts’ happen at Opportunity Enterprises.

Austin is a valued employee and training others!

Austin entered JobSource eager to get his first job in the community. During job development Austin did everything that was asked of him. Then the call came, he got the interview. Shortly after, Austin WAS HIRED!!

He was very nervous, but Austin put forth every effort to do his very best, every shift.  Austin quickly became part of the team. He has learned skills such as teamwork, responsibility, money management and has become motivated to become more independent and is now working towards obtaining a driver’s license.

 Jennifer learned to walk and is learning how to communicate!

Jennifer has shown many improvements over the last year. She has been working very hard with the staff to learn appropriate communication skills, especially how to tell people when she is finished with an activity.

Jennifer is happier now that she is able to interact with activities and her peers as independently as possible. The staff knows that sitting at an activity is often not an easy task for Jennifer and seeing how hard Jennifer is working makes them so proud.

LuLu is gaining independence!

Linda, or “Lulu”, works hard at everything she does each day and often exceeds expectations. To say that Lulu is determined is an understatement. Despite having a limited range of motion in her arms, Lulu will decline offers of assistance and wheel herself across the room to get where she wants to go even though it is physically demanding. In her free time, she loves to color and even though her hand will sometimes start to cramp from so much use, she keeps working to make things that are extra special for her friends and staff. The patience she demonstrates with herself and with others, her kindness, and her sense of humor in the face of adversity is humbling and inspiring.

Nancy is reaching her goals!

Nancy has attended OE for almost 30 years. For many of those years, Nancy was working in Outsource 5 days a week. When the new Quest program opened, Nancy’s family knew right away that was where Nancy needed to be. It was almost immediately after moving to the Quest program that Nancy’s staff started receiving updates that Nancy was beginning to accomplish her goals, one of which was to read loud enough for her peers to hear her in her group. Nancy’s improvements haven’t stopped since, the staff is seeing Nancy interact in ways they didn’t know if they ever would. Nancy is slowly coming out of her shell and looks forward to each and every activity at Quest. Nancy now enjoys talking about her day at Quest with her family around the dinner table every evening.

I want to make more Amazing stories happen!

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