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Because you know that inclusivity matters and those we serve deserve dignity, you can help OE create a community filled with possibility – and feel good doing so!

Think of a time when you had a particular life challenge that you felt you could not overcome.


Now think, for one moment, how you were able to tackle that challenge. Chances are it was a friend or a loved one that helped you through.

Now please take a moment and think about the challenges individuals with disabilities face daily, something as simple as climbing a flight of stairs.

Now, imagine with us what is possible when we all come together to achieve something we all want – dignity!

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Meet Karl


Karl is an exceptional client that is learning new skills and to do more on his own…in the most literal way! Prior to becoming part of the OE family, Karl did not know how to think or act for himself. Karl did everything his mother told him to do, and if she did not provide him with instructions, he just stayed still. If food was placed in front of him, he would not eat until told to do so. If he was walking and there was something in his way, he would stop until his mother directed him on how to proceed.

When Karl’s mother passed away, he was utterly lost. He was moved into one of OE’s group homes and began participating in the Daily Living Skills program. Participation in the program and interactions with his housemates have opened an entire new world for Karl! Staff in the Daily Living Skills program see so much potential in Karl – and have provided him with the dignity he deserves while he is learning new things. Today, Karl makes the decision to eat on his own and puts his things away by himself. These are milestones that are opening a world of possibilities!


Karl is one example of how OE does so much to impact individuals in positive and profound ways. When everyone finds dignity, the community, and each one of us benefits.

The possibilities are amazing and endless!

Opportunity Enterprises’ goal, since 1967, has been imaging this possibility of helping individuals with disabilities enrich their quality of life. We provide our clients and their families with educational programs, community employment, respite, and the ability to interact in our communities - even if it just going out to dinner with friends.

Imagine yourself turning such possibilities into reality, helping to bridge the gap from what services OE is required to provide to what programs our clients deserve!


Imagine along with us by making a gift to our Annual Campaign.

When everyone finds dignity, the community, and each one of us benefits.

Support the men of women of OE with a gift to our Annual Campaign today!


Individuals taking the standard deduction can now gift up to $600 in contributions to qualified charities. If you itemize deductions, the new law allows for cash contributions to qualified charities up to 100% of your AGI for the 2022 calendar year. Consult your tax professional for full details.

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Opportunity Enterprises, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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