Enrichment Programs

Opportunity Enterprises’ Enrichment Program provides clients with a variety of options to express their creative abilities and exercise their personal interests. Programs available include Art, Assistive Technology, Community Integration and Relaxation.

  • Art Enrichment – Clients have the opportunity to paint canvas, create ceramic masterpieces, craft jewelry and learn the history and biographies of famous artists and their work. Artwork and ceramics by our clients are showcased throughout our buildings and are available for purchase in our Simply Amazing Market in Valparaiso. The ARTability show is held each November, and is attended by community members who get the chance to competitively bid on and purchase artwork created by those in the Art program. Proceeds from the show benefit all of our clients.
  • Assistive Technology – Clients get hands-on experience with current technology and computer programs. Traditional hardware and software, track ball mice and hands-free computer operation systems are all included. The program also provides training and assessment for basic typing skills, Internet usage, Microsoft Office Suite, voice recognition and Quicken.
  • Community Integration – Clients are invited to explore volunteer and recreational activities within the community under the supervision of a staff member. Our trained instructors work on skills, including parking lot and vehicle safety, appropriate social and public interactions, following directions while volunteering to help others, and many more.
  • Relaxation – Instructors work one-on-one with clients in an effort to teach them stress reduction techniques and to help improve physical mobility.

For more information about our Enrichment programs, please contact us.

Enriching Possibilities

Located at our Lakeside Opportunities facility, Enriching Possibilities is a curriculum-based program designed to ensure that clients can continue to make consistent progress on their individual communication, socialization, community integration, academic, and self-sufficiency goals, regardless of their current skill level. Program clients are also partnered with behavior therapists that focus on behavior intervention, behavior intervention plans and functional assessments to develop the skills necessary to reduce negative behaviors and increase positive behaviors.

Program activities also include sports, arts & crafts, computer, music and kitchen activities.

The opportunities in the Enriching Possibilities program are truly endless – skill acquisition happens in classrooms that are interactive and exciting. We offer seasonal activities in a safe environment, and have a garden, picnic area, Lake Eliza and a beautiful outdoor scene for clients to enjoy.

For more information about our Enriching Possibilities program, please contact us.

Daily Living Skills

Daily Living Skills is geared toward individuals who have multiple or severe disabilities, where they work on improving the skills they need to function with ease on a day-to-day basis. Instructors work with clients to develop the following:

  • Social interaction skills
  • Communication skills
  • Perceptual skills (visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile stimulation)
  • Mobility and motor skills
  • Recreational and leisure activities

For more information about our Daily Living Skills program, please contact us.

Renewed Horizons

Renewed Horizons is an adult day care program located in our Lakeside facility. Our adults receive personal care and assistance, medical consultations by an agency nurse and social/recreational activities. Clients engage in socialization, exercise, arts & crafts, current events discussions and decision-making training. Transportation is available based on the pick-up location of the individual.

Renewed Horizons is a developmental program for individuals who are 50 years of age or older, are a Porter County resident (or a resident in a surrounding county), have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other physical/mental disorders, are able to be medically managed, are free of communicable diseases and are able to provide appropriate funding.

Connections is a component of curriculum in Renewed Horizons and its purpose is to help clients maintain as much cognitive and physical functioning as possible. This set of over 40 activities fosters cognition, socialization, communication and manual dexterity. Connections is scheduled twice a week, and since several are offered at a time, client choice is once again a factor.

For more information about our Renewed Horizons program, please contact us.

AHA Club

After Hours Activities (AHA), is a program that takes place from 3:30-5:30 PM, Monday through Thursday. Individuals work towards goals that help sustain their self-sufficiency in day-to-day life, including learning how to cook, exercising with friends or working on artwork.

For more information about AHA Club, please contact us.