If you’ve been lucky enough to take a tour through the Opportunity Enterprises main building, you might remember the contagious smiles and exuberant greetings from our participants in the OutSource Solutions program. Designed with the idea in mind that businesses are constantly seeking cost-effective procedures, OutSource Solutions provides top-quality manufacturing and subcontracting services for packaging and custom assembly at competitive prices.

Many of our participants work on the floor for this program, and our awesome team is capable of handling anything from a unique, one-time specialty project to large, full-time work. Current projects include the assembly of assorted size jewelry boxes, electrical, mechanical and medical components. OutSource has done a variety of different projects in the past in addition to the few listed; each one is based on our customers’ needs and wants, and each one is handled by our team with special care. We ensure the correct and economical assemblage of your product accurately and on time.

The most endearing part of our OutSource program is the group of wonderful participants who work on the floor. They know when an order is “hot,” and they work so hard to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with their product. Not only do they work hard, but the participants in OutSource take pride in doing this work. By choosing to use OutSource for your company, you are making an active decision to help change the life of others.

For more information on our OutSource program, please contact us.