Read Executive Team Bios

Ellen DeMartinis, Chief Executive Officer (ext. 248)
Mark Fisher, Chief Financial Officer (ext. 337)
Kathy Jackson, Chief Human Resource Officer (ext. 243)
Peter Wilson, Chief Operating Officer (ext. 247)
Valerie Thill, Chief Program Officer (ext. 331)
Barb Owens, Executive Assistant (ext. 236)


Kathleen Parks Savich, Director of Community Employment (219-510-5330 ext. 213)
Lisa Barrios, Daily Living Skills Director (ext. 432)
Stephanie Calabro, Supported Living Director (ext. 287)
Mickey Fajdich, Senior Director of Day Services (ext. 408)
Marie Kubina, Curriculum Director (ext. 436)
Andrew Luecke, Senior Director of Residential Services (ext. 413)
Dominique Hopson Group Home Director (ext. 200)
Cassie Velasco, Renewed Horizons Director (ext. 412)
Kate Tarr, Enriching Possibilities Director (ext. 405)
Rebekah Somerton, Social Services Director (ext. 351)
Lisa Cole, Quest Director (ext. 261)
Rebecca Scott, Respite Director
     Phone Porter County: 219-548-0206
     Phone Lake County: 219-476-9236


Linda Hazen, Major Gifting Director (ext. 290)
Kacie Ensign, Development Director (ext. 244)
Becky Jascoviak, Marketing and Communications (ext. 239)
Amy Wulf, Events Coordinator (ext. 333)
Bobby Meier, Database Assistant (ext. 224)
Rebecca Greaney, Development Assistant (ext. 240)
Dani Landgrebe, Development Assistant (ext. 334)

Business Services

Cathie Dull, Business Development Manager (ext. 208)
Jennifer Fine, Retail Director (ext. 265)
Joseph Hogan, Secure Shred Director (ext. 299)
LaTosha Knight, Outsource Director (ext. 271)
Judy Woodrick, Clean Team Director (ext. 266)

 IT & Maintenance

Eric Ashton, IT Director (ext. 205)
Kevin Toth, Maintenance Director (ext. 221)